Generating a sense of clarity, purpose and anticipation is essential for creating a remarkable event experience. 

To surprise, delight and engage is a gift...


JAK Creative & Events understand how to make events exciting, so we've packaged our creativity to deliver a next level service for you.  JAK can tell your event story through beautifully branded content and gift items, packaged and delivered to each participant before your event. This experience can be amplified by adding personal touches to your story such as creative activities designed to engage and reflect your event outcomes throughout the event itself. These conference and event packs are also the perfect way to incorporate your

Event Sponsors by profiling them in a sophisticated way.


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Bringing your corporate brand and your event brand to life in a way that engages

your guests is at the heart of our Conference and Event Pack's purpose. ​


Each box has:

We recommend a lead time minimum of 2 months to develop your package and

manufacture it ready for dispatch. Lead times will vary depending on the items selected,

dispatch locations and level of service required. 

JAK will suggest an ideal Development & Production time line for you during your consultation.​

  • The option to add a personalised message to each recipient

  • Multiple options to add branding to the packaging and contents

  • Detailed packaging design to ensure the contents arrive perfectly

  • Colourful and well designed graphics with clear unity in branding

  • Awards Night

  • Corporate Gift
  • Virtual Conference
  • Product Launch