The Swag exists to connect our Clients with their Teams, Delegates and Customers using creativity and design.


The Swag is also the first offering of its kind to  be 100% Carbon Neutral.


Change begins now.

 THE jak swag

Bringing your corporate brand and your event brand to life in a way that engages your guests is at the heart of the Swags purpose.


JAK Creative & Events understand how to make events exciting, so we've packaged our creativity to deliver a next level service for you.

why we do it​

why it's awesome

also perfect for

  • We tell your event story through designer branded content and gift items 
  • We pack and deliver to each participant before your event 
  • Makes profiling your Sponsors and Partners brands effortless
  • Branded activities to engage and reflect your event outcomes are easily integrated with your content
  • Our detailed packaging design ensures your contents arrive perfectly 
  • Created by Event Designers, not a hamper business
  • Flexibility. Choose your perfect combo or have our Team curate and tailor the Swag for you
  • Feel good by delivering 'Green Stats' to your clients and guests on carbon reduction and re-forestation
  • Got your own merch? No problem. We can add it into the Swag design!
  • We can also design flat pack branded boxes for you to assemble, fill and send yourself
  • We love events
  • We love working with brands

  • We love designing
  • We love creating products and services that give back and do good
  • Awards Night
  • Corporate Gifting
  • Membership Engagement
  • Product and Brand Launches

Our Swags are curated with activities, 

gifts and experiences designed connect, engage and inspire.



Every product in your Swag has the lowest impact possible on the environment. Most of your items and packaging can be recycled and even composted! 


Learn about our complete commitment to sustainable practices and explore our quick reference on how to responsibly dispose of each Swag item.




Our commitment is to:

Partner with those who strive to create more engaging events and experiences.​​

Join other enterprising leaders to seek and develop environmentally conscious ways to do business​

Ship joy​

Build commercially sustainable communities

be the first to know

Become part of the Swag family and be the first to know about the new product releases and how our Sustainability Journey is going.​