Generating a sense of clarity, purpose and anticipation is

essential for creating a remarkable event experience.​


The JAK Swag is about the recipient experience.


Getting it right is a thoughtful process that requires attention to detail and a little bit of effort.

Lucky for you, we LOVE that stuff!


We made the Swag because our clients need to find ways to add special touches to the digital experience and also bring a little bit of polish and



The tiles below give you all the information you need about the items we've included for you.


Enjoy exploring!

why we chose these items​

To surprise, delight and

engage is a gift...


How can we help our clients make their people feel valued and inspired?

What would generate excitement about attending a virtual event?

What kind of experiences can unify people digitally?

How do we bring some colour and life to the mundane?

Aligning with your mission and values.

Beautiful, branded, sustainable, curated (by you), packaged, delivered IDEAS!

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